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Affiliate Training:

Understand the Company Mission:

Make sure you fully understand the company's mission to promote it effectively.


"Tribal 3 is: The entrepreneur's accelerated growth vehicle. We leverage live scrum events to build collaborative portfolios and capture the full value of our contributions."


Identify Potential Sponsors:

Look for potential sponsors within your existing network or through social media platforms.


Create a Compelling Pitch:

Craft a persuasive pitch that highlights the company's mission and the benefits of becoming a sponsor.

Here's a Pitch Deck based on our engagement stats:


*Greater ATL, LA, NY, and Ohio areas.



• Time-saving Affiliate dashboard

• No risk income stream

• Add Non-Profit to your Bio for more credibility

• Maintain Creativity (You don't have to go out of your way to sell the best products, just work with your fans).



• You don't have to be an influencer

• Affordable high quality Merch

• Up to 40% off the top

• Strong brand, winning mission


Sr exec small company:

• Test Products and Features

• Culture Courses


Sr exec large company:

• A new way to hire the best talent

• Course: Making Strategic decisions to drive growth

• Team management Exercises increase productivity


Entry level IT:

• Accrue genuine reputation

• Network at Diverse Events

• Ways to get paid

• Collaborative Portfolio Projects


Marketing and Business Development:

• Test products and strategies at low cost


Leverage Live Events:

Use live events as opportunities to connect with potential sponsors and explain the MLM program.


Offer 10% Affiliate Link:

Explain the 10% affiliate link offer to potential sponsors, emphasizing the income potential.


Focus on Weekly Sales:

Prioritize making weekly sales to demonstrate your commitment to the program.

Sell $500 in merch per week to get paid weekly.


• 30 sticker sheets

• 21 notebooks

• 4 Hoodies

• 6 Pullovers

• 6-10 T-shirts

• 3 Puffer Jackets

• 14 Hats

• 8 cups


Educators and community leaders are great examples of potential sponsors with practical uses for these items.


Promote Branded Merchandise:

We promote branded merchandise with a 40% commission, as it can be a lucrative selling point.


Diversify Product Offerings:

We highlight the range of products available, including Artist Expression Stickers, notebooks, hoodies, pullovers, t-shirts, puffer jackets, hats, and cups.


Use Social Media and Online Platforms:

We utilize social media platforms, blogs, and websites to showcase products and the MLM opportunity.

Create engaging content, such as product demos, testimonials, and success stories, to capture your audience's attention.


Training and Resources:

We offer training sessions and marketing materials to help affiliates effectively promote products and recruit sponsors.

We collaborate on effective selling techniques, social media strategies, and how to approach potential sponsors.


Track Progress:

We've implemented a tracking system to monitor affiliate sales and sponsor recruitment progress.

Set realistic goals for sales and sponsor recruitment and regularly review your dashboard to identify areas for improvement. Just access your Affiliate Dashboard.


Reward Achievements:

We reward top-performing affiliates who consistently bring in sponsors and generate sales with recognition and exclusive perks.


Maintain Communication:

Maintain open lines of communication to address questions and receive ongoing support. Establish regular check-ins.



Network with others to share best practices and success stories.


Compliance and Transparency:

Ensure that all activities adhere to regulations and maintain transparency in all dealings. Maintaining transparency in all dealings will build trust between you and your sponsors.


Feedback and Adaptation:

Continuously gather feedback and make adjustments to your game plan as needed.


Remember that success in MLM requires persistence and dedication. Affiliates should focus on building strong relationships with sponsors while keeping the company's mission at the forefront of their efforts.


This Section is a Tutorial on Effective Selling Techniques, Social Media Strategies, and Sponsor Approaches


Social Media Strategies:

1. Choose the Right Platforms:

   - Identify the social media platforms where your target audience is most active. Focus your efforts there to maximize reach.

2. Content Creation:

   - Create engaging content that showcases your products and lifestyle. Use high-quality images, videos, and captions that resonate with your audience.

3. Consistency is Key:

   - Maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and informed. Consistency helps build trust and credibility.

4. Interact and Engage:

   - Respond promptly to comments and messages. Engage with your audience by asking questions, conducting polls, and encouraging discussions.

5. Use Hashtags:

   - Incorporate relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. Research popular MLM and product-related hashtags in your niche.

6. Leverage Stories and Live Streams:

   - Utilize Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, or other live streaming features to provide real-time updates, host Q&A sessions, and showcase product demonstrations.


Effective Selling Techniques:

1. Build Rapport:

   - Begin every interaction by establishing a genuine connection with your prospects. Show interest in their needs and goals to build trust.

2. Product Knowledge:

   - Thoroughly understand the products you're selling. Highlight their features and benefits to potential sponsors.

3. Storytelling:

   - Share personal stories or Member testimonials that demonstrate how the products have positively impacted lives. This adds authenticity to your sales pitch.


4. Listen Actively:

   - Pay close attention to your prospect's concerns and objections. Address them empathetically, showing that you genuinely care about their needs.


5. Overcoming Objections:

   - Equip yourself with effective rebuttals for common objections. Explain how the product or MLM opportunity can overcome these challenges.


6. Urgency and Scarcity:

   - Create a sense of urgency by offering insights into your weekly goals or emphasizing product rarity. This can encourage faster decision-making.



Approaching Potential Sponsors:


1. Research Your Target:

   - Before reaching out to potential sponsors, research their background, interests, and current affiliations. Tailor your approach accordingly.


2. Personalized Outreach:

   - Craft a personalized message that highlights why you believe they would be a great fit to be a Sponsor. Mention common interests or goals.


3. Value Proposition:

   - Clearly articulate the benefits of joining the Mission, emphasizing the potential for financial growth and personal development.


4. Highlight Your Success:

   - Share your own success story within the MLM, showcasing your achievements and how the opportunity has positively impacted your life.


5. Follow-Up:

   - If you don't receive an immediate response, don't be discouraged. Follow up politely and express your continued interest in collaborating.


6. Offer Support:

   - Emphasize the support and resources you'll provide to help your potential sponsor succeed in the Tribal Community.


Remember that building a successful business takes time and persistence. Continuously refine your selling techniques, adapt your social media strategies, and approach potential sponsors with professionalism and authenticity. Building strong relationships with your sponsors is the key to long-term success.

Have fun!

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