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Your portfolio is step 1

1.  Find a friend or photographer you trust to take high quality photos. You'll need at least one good headshot along with your full body shots, mid body shots, and other creative photos.

*Update your portfolio as often as possible!

2. Think about what your niche is (Background roles and Indie films may be the best way to start). Contact Casting agencies & stage play faculty, join online groups, try voice acting, and most importantly: Create your own projects.

3. Brand yourself as a product on your social media and network with others in your industry.


4. Only use your best photos on a comp card and prepare 1 or 2 reels to send out to gigs

*Your first Reel can simply be a monologue read in front of a solid colored background and in solid colored clothing. Don't forget to Slate!

5. Once you have 10-20 acting roles in a clean resume, start looking for agencies in your area. Don't pay for services that you can easily do by yourself. (Don't include background work in your Resume if you don't have to)

*Agencies are the middleman between high quality talent and production studios.

6. Joining SAG usually comes after this step.

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